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DysNa is a reliable importer of Kartuli Vazi wines

The company “DysNa” imports products independently and distributes all over Ukraine through its own wide network of branches and distributors.

While creating the company, the owners had a clear understanding that the main factor for choosing the products to be presented in Ukraine would be the quality and reputation of the vendor. “DysNa” always treats the choice of brands for distribution very carefully. And it should be said that such an approach of the company’s management has been proved to be true — for more than 10 years of work “DysNa” has become a leader in the “Georgian wine” category with Kartuli Vali brand.


The success of DysNa in the Ukrainian market can be explained by a combination of the following factors:

Product quality is the main principle;

The system of logistics provides the stability of the range of products;

The marketing department independently develops and implements the models of logos and communications;

Constant advertising support of vendors;

Qualified employees are able to make decisions independently and develop communications.


Today, became stronger in the domestic market and has achieved significant success, DysNa company is analyzing and building further work. “DysNa” is an active, dynamic company, which has significant achievements and extensive experience in the Ukrainian market of alcoholic and non-alcoholic products. Experts of the company are always in constant creative and business search, aspiring to unite innovative ideas and pragmatic purposes.