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Kartuli Vazi wines — the standard of Georgian winemaking

Near Tbilisi, not far from fertile Kakheti, there is a factory, one of the largest winemaking companies in Georgia, “Tiflis Wine Cellar” Ltd. Here the reference wine Kartuli Vali is produced, which has been delighting famous sommelier and world experts with its unique characteristics for many years. 

Grapes Processing 

In the process of production, the main emphasis is made on qualified processing. Great importance is attached to chemical and microbiological analysis, the use of modern equipment, maceration technology, the selection of strains of cultural yeast, as well as sterilization and filtration of drinks. 

Two Della Toffola pneumatic lines are installed at the factory. The processing of white and red grapes is completely divided. Separate presses are used, which serve all the production facilities of the company. From winemaking to bottling after finishing fermentation in the primary processing unit, the wine materials go through the whole process of blending, treatment, and filtration. To increase bottling resistance, wine is cold treated at -5 °C. After that, the wine is resting for another 10 days then is sent to the laboratory to pass the necessary tests, then filtered and fed into the bottling process. 

The process of cold sterile filling is carried out at a temperature of 20 °C, and the availability of membrane filters allows manufacturers to maintain the aroma and variety properties of products. 

The Tiflis Wine Cellar does not use secondary packaging. All bottles are new and processed to ensure maximum sterility and prevent dust and microflora from entering. The processing and filling process is carried out in the same unit which allows minimizing the distance from rinsing and disinfection to bottle clogging. 

An important aspect of protection is provided by the dense natural cork, in the company version from the famous Portuguese company Amorim.

It is very difficult to forge Kartuli Vazi wine. As opening the bottle, you can be sure of the authenticity of the product.